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Childhood Joys

Avid Runners


Help fund a youth's participation in Peel Children's Aid Foundation's Avid Runners Group.

Holiday Gift for an Infant

Whether a stimulating toy to develop motor skills or a comforting, huggable friend to cuddle with, gifts for infants are in high demand every Holiday Season.

School Field Trip

Your gift will allow a young person to experience a school field trip that would have previously been financially out of reach.

Holiday Gift for a Child

Toys, books, electronics or skates!  Give a child a gift of happy memories during the Holiday Season.

Music Lessons for a Month

Your gift will allow budding virtuosos to explore and develop their interests and talents. 

Holiday Gift for a Teen

Gifts for teens living alone are always in short supply.  A teen’s Holiday Season could be made so much brighter with a gift card from the local mall or trendy store.

Swimming Lessons or Soccer Registration

Your gift will provide children and youth the ability to participate in organized sport activities and to exercise their right to an active life, filled with sport, good health and the pursuit of fun. 


Your gift will provide a child or youth the ability engage in a healthy activity and have fun in the great outdoors, not to mention a “green” mode of transportation to and from school!
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